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I went to bat for a white majority ethnostate for America, tolerated harassment from who I thought were traditionalists, white nationalists, what I thought was “Alt-Right”. Despite my defending what I thought was their ideology, people have finally shown their true colors in the wake of their support for Chinese Communist Andrew Yang for POTUS, who said one nice thing about white people, buying into a NWO concept called Universal Benefit Income, and most recently defending Communist Eco-Fascist Brenton Tarrant, who, even if it was not an organic event, is presenting his manifesto, that it’s okay to kill people to “save the planet” because it’s the dirty browns that are overpopulating. That may be true, but this is obviously not how we should deal with it. If this was an organic event, his intent was clearly to cause more action for disarmament. Which this group clearly does not care about. They don’t care about America or trying to salvage the country. They want accelerate to the end and watch the country burn. I get the concern about automation, but how about rejecting automation wherever it is instead of being lazy and grabbing “free” money? Why all of a sudden be so demoralized and giving up? Could it be they never were for old school values? These same people were shilling for Trump, now they are shilling for Yang. What is the common thing between the two? Support for Zionism at the cost of America. So my conclusion is Alt-Right is (((Alt-Right))), and it explains all the vitriol I get for countering instead of going along.

I am now going to be championing a balkanized, reformed paleo-conservative (Christian, minus the Judeo) traditionalist Eurasian ethnostate within a white majority United States. I have deactivated my Twitter because I am so disappointed in people who I thought I was supporting, be so fake or so easily bought. I don’t believe it was all a joke. People are mostly serious or they are shilling trolls. I no longer belong on Twitter. Because nothing I say will matter there. I’m just a naive, idealistic, lost half breed, with conservative, Protestant values, who has a tiny glimmer of hope to fight the future. TFN

She’s a dumb liberal, but I’m sick of this shit. People have thrown the dog meat insult at me, despite my support for whites. Namely, Right To Bryden. Irish boy, which is funny because Irish are liberals. Why would you insult someone that supports you? Unless it’s really because they don’t want you to be a white advocate.


Andrew Anglin, fake Neo-Nazi, sleeps with POC. Surprise, surprise.

For Eurasian Tiger aka Tenda Spencer (half Jew?): I know you think I’m so clueless, because you hate WMAF, Anglin is a Jew. So a fake Nazi. Most of the so-called alt-right are not purist WN. I’m fully aware that fringe “white trash nationalists” might have sex with Asians, they just won’t have babies with them.

"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What will happen when racist, anti-social, anti-diversity, anti-feminist, anti-black, anti-asian men marry "traditional, family oriented," status-obsessed, racist asian tiger moms who hope their children look white for privilege - and produce half asian sons who look totally asian - and hear "no asian guys", and have to deal with constant racism against asian men? An honest appraisal of self hatred and frightening sociology.

andrew-anglinAndrew Anglin, the founder of the largest Neo-Nazi website, admits in this article – published, of course, on his website TheDailyStormer.com – that he has had several Asian girlfriends, an achievement also shared by Richard Spencer, and a slew of other prominent white nationalists, ranging from John Derbyshire, to Charles Murray, author of the controversial “race realist” book, The Bell Curve.

However, Anglin also writes about being slandered by other white nationalists for being a “race mixer,” despite pointing out that the same white nationalists slandering him, also have Asian partners and Asian children.

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Archive here.

Below are the sections of the piece that feature the word “Asian,” for the purpose of expedience, as the entire blog-post is far too long.

Anglin writes:

To be clear, I was actually already living and working in Asia at the time, because it was just so much more sensible economically. …

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My Hapa Nationalism in the USA


  • JQ
  • IQ realism
  • Harmony between Gentile caucasians & American-born orientals
  • Whites maintaining majority
  • Zero immigration
  • Border wall
  • Anti Globalism (NWO, UN, Ecumenical Movement)
  • Anti Communism & Socialism & NazBol
  • Anti Cultural Marxism
  • Anti Degenerate Art, Modern architecture
  • One flag, one language, Protestant Christianity, traditional living, respect for the Constitution
  • Anti-Christian Zionism



The Forgotten Nationalist

For My Haters In the 1488

So, I watched another video by Apollonian Slumber regarding the 666 hand sign, then noticed this one, because of my interest in Eurasianism. Turns out this is a white nationalist channel. I left a couple of comments and got a reply. So far, it’s been more civilized than r/hapas. We’ll see, won’t we?

FN: Speaking as a half White, half Vietnamese, American born, I don’t oppose white European ethnostate NOR a Eurasian ethnostate. There is room. Russia has long been mixed with the Mongols. It’s no surprise that many Russians have Asian eyes. Even Scandinavian peoples. So, what about the IQ position? Realistically, you’re not going to be able to dictate who people mate with. The best admixture is high IQ races mixing only: Whites (not Jews) and Asians is not so bad, especially if it’s WMAF and of conservative or trad. You guys forget that white women fall for the cultural Marxism that is feminism. I know you guys always say “no downgrade”, but as far as I can tell, on a personal level and among so-called White Nationalists, they have Asian gf or wives. Until you can get white women to abandon 3rd Wave feminism, that’s your next best option. Just avoid the brown and black.

AS: I totally disagree. I don’t give much credence to IQ at all. Asian people are completely different to Whites. I have never been attracted to an Asian woman. I don’t like Asian people in general, esp. the Chinese. Good women know that feminism is BS. Most White men who have Asian GFs are ashamed of themselves… it’s obvious. Having Hapa children would be even worse. I think Asian people should live in Asia.

FN: Yeah, the stereotype of Asian driving is true and yes, the Chinese are a mess, with their communism, which I hate. I also don’t care for flips. Anyway, sorry my dad went to Vietnam during the war and didn’t leave my pregnant mother behind, brought her back to the states where I was born. He was just trying to do what he thought was right. You fight a war, get a girl pregnant while on leave, you marry her and get your offspring. It was not his intention or my intention to hurt white people. I advocate for white majority, preservation of Americana, western civ, closed borders, one language, one flag. I’m also very concerned about Jewish power. I just think you are being unrealistic and a bit extreme. You cannot forget the human nature element, people are gonna do what they’re gonna do. I’d love to see your examples of white men being ashamed of being with Asian women. I’ve not experienced that, as they are my preference. You white nationalists have been nicer than the retards on r/hapas Reddit, who actually agree that white male/Asian female is inferior to the reverse. Check out my blog for my drama with them. In the meantime, I will just take my gook ass outta here and leave you be, since I guess you really don’t need any allies. – FN