I Have Arrived Full Circle…

So, I don’t follow Tim Pool, I don’t really know where he is on the political spectrum. I only recently found out he was also a Eurasian mix. Having spent the last 3 years bandying about in “alt-right” circles, championing, defending white nationalists, seems I’ve come full circle to when I decided to get on Twitter. My politics had undergone a change. My father wasn’t speaking to me for about 3 years, because he thought I was a libtard drinking the Kool-Aid in L.A. Maybe a year before Trump was elected, I had looked into 9/11, and my “wokeness” went from there.

I came out on Twitter as a Eurasian with conservative views, waded into being an advocate for whites, seeing how I was half white myself, also being fed up with multiculturalism, feminism, and LGBTQ garbage. Eventually, it seemed I was discovered by a group called r/hapas on Reddit. This group says they represent mixed race Asians who feel oppressed. They came after me with a vengeance, saying I was inferior for being the product of a white father/Asian mother, that my mother upheld white supremacy. Which brings me to this Tim Pool rant. This is literally what I’ve been saying for years. These SJW victim mentality dipshits on r/hapas want the same thing the hostile “wignats” want. I have my theory who the hostile wignats really are, and I think it’s the best explanation. According to the “alt-right”, Jews want us all race-mixing, which destroys white population. That is apparent, if you look at the entertainment media and advertising. That’s mainstream. Identitarianism is fine if it is about each group wanting to have pride in their race and culture. If people don’t want to mix, that’s totally fine. What Tim doesn’t seem to see is, whether it’s from the left wing or the right wing, it’s marginalizing a group that supposedly “doesn’t fit in anywhere”. Eurasians like Tim Pool and myself and any other mix. It’s an excuse for both sides to pile on us, to lump Asian/White mixes in with the rest of the POC soup, and silence our voices.

I’ve always said, I want whites to remain a majority. Funny how despite my support of white nationalists, I have been met with nastiness, but I still like to think these anons on Twitter are not really white people. If the left doesn’t want race-mixing now, then it’s fine. White nationalists should be happy. But if people from either side of the political spectrum want to come and spit on me, they can bring it on. It does make me wonder if I should abandon identity politics though, if both sides are now in unity against people like me. Race mixing should not be promoted. I am for free will most of all. Not being told what to do, or that I’m “inferior” or “upholding white supremacy” or “destroying white people”. I am for YOU to mind your fucking business, don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t flaunt, just BE and let me be. –TFN