Why do I call myself “The Forgotten Nationalist”? Simply because no one considers that a mixed-race person could be a nationalist. People forget that where you are born and raised determines where your loyalty is. They forget that environment and who you were raised by might affect your identity. So, yes, I am an ethno-nationalist (a state of whites and Asians peacefully existing within or neighboring a white majority state), against globalism, against one world government, and a champion for self-determination for all sovereign nations, each having their own culture, flag, and language.

I am the product of the Vietnam War, born in America. My father is of white gentile European stock, born in rural America. My grandfather was a scaler for the logging industry. My father enlisted in the Army during the draft and met my mother in South Vietnam. I never really discussed my parents’ relationship after they divorced when I was a child. My father won custody of me and I was raised by his side of the family. I currently reside in Los Angeles, California.