For My Haters In the 1488

So, I watched another video by Apollonian Slumber regarding the 666 hand sign, then noticed this one, because of my interest in Eurasianism. Turns out this is a white nationalist channel. I left a couple of comments and got a reply. So far, it’s been more civilized than r/hapas. We’ll see, won’t we?

FN: Speaking as a half White, half Vietnamese, American born, I don’t oppose white European ethnostate NOR a Eurasian ethnostate. There is room. Russia has long been mixed with the Mongols. It’s no surprise that many Russians have Asian eyes. Even Scandinavian peoples. So, what about the IQ position? Realistically, you’re not going to be able to dictate who people mate with. The best admixture is high IQ races mixing only: Whites (not Jews) and Asians is not so bad, especially if it’s WMAF and of conservative or trad. You guys forget that white women fall for the cultural Marxism that is feminism. I know you guys always say “no downgrade”, but as far as I can tell, on a personal level and among so-called White Nationalists, they have Asian gf or wives. Until you can get white women to abandon 3rd Wave feminism, that’s your next best option. Just avoid the brown and black.

AS: I totally disagree. I don’t give much credence to IQ at all. Asian people are completely different to Whites. I have never been attracted to an Asian woman. I don’t like Asian people in general, esp. the Chinese. Good women know that feminism is BS. Most White men who have Asian GFs are ashamed of themselves… it’s obvious. Having Hapa children would be even worse. I think Asian people should live in Asia.

FN: Yeah, the stereotype of Asian driving is true and yes, the Chinese are a mess, with their communism, which I hate. I also don’t care for flips. Anyway, sorry my dad went to Vietnam during the war and didn’t leave my pregnant mother behind, brought her back to the states where I was born. He was just trying to do what he thought was right. You fight a war, get a girl pregnant while on leave, you marry her and get your offspring. It was not his intention or my intention to hurt white people. I advocate for white majority, preservation of Americana, western civ, closed borders, one language, one flag. I’m also very concerned about Jewish power. I just think you are being unrealistic and a bit extreme. You cannot forget the human nature element, people are gonna do what they’re gonna do. I’d love to see your examples of white men being ashamed of being with Asian women. I’ve not experienced that, as they are my preference. You white nationalists have been nicer than the retards on r/hapas Reddit, who actually agree that white male/Asian female is inferior to the reverse. Check out my blog for my drama with them. In the meantime, I will just take my gook ass outta here and leave you be, since I guess you really don’t need any allies. – FN

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