r/hapas: Sexual Conquest

I meant sexual conquest. Isn’t that what you are most concerned about? You’re all so insecure, led by Eurasian Tiger, who is so insecure that he promotes AMWF over WMAF as if it’s some sort of pissing contest. No one is stopping you from getting with white women. You really should seek out the liberal feminists, because you already have made it clear you hate conservatives. Most white women are 3rd Wave feminists who like beta males like yourselves. Seriously, why can’t you just live and let live? Why else would you assholes be attacking me? It’s because of my politics and what you perceive as rejection or hatred of Asian/half-Asian males. I’ve already explained if I had been raised in such a setting that presented an Asian/half-Asian man, that I found attractive, sexy, confident and not an petty little assholes like you guys, then I would have dated him. Guess what? My prom date was Asian. See, too bad you couldn’t have approached me civilly, I would have told you happily, but you are not capable of that, no better than the haters on the WN side, which I’ve gotten far less grief from. Exactly one white supremacist told me to go back to Asia. None have wished me dead. Only insecure babies say such things. So I will expose you for the liberal SJW haters you are. Keep it up, assholes.


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