Response To Saint-Seiya

I really don’t care if the Asian/Hapa men want to fuck White women, just like I don’t care if White Nationalists go for Asian/Hapa women. Clearly this guy likes to show off (“Ooh, look at me, I got me some white pussy. That’ll show those White Nationalists!”) his fetishization of White women. The retards at r/hapas attacking me are just big fat crybabies, just like Elliot Rodgers. Everybody should just do what they want. If r/hapas and Eurasian Tiger and (((GreenRanger4Life))) are so threatened by White guys, then maybe they should muster up some Alpha sexuality and get some White liberal feminist pussy, since they love to dominate betas. What about “weeaboo” chicks? They’re cute. Why do they have to smear me for my CHOICE? Seems like r/hapas want to police free will, like the real Nazis they are.

Comment: Liste, what do you think about this asian guy?
He’s so hypocritical, he’s the first one to fetishize am/wf couples with porn and impregnation fantasy.

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