Targeted by r/hapa and

It’s too bad leftist SJW Eurasian Tiger, half-White/half-Asian, like myself, White father, Asian mother, 100% passing, just like me (!), couldn’t have been civil and asked for an interview before starting a smear campaign against me on r/hapa and These liberals have exposed themselves as the pathetic, victim-signalers they are. ¬†Supposed half-Asian advocates, they attacked me for my White advocacy and nationalist views. They are clearly pissed that white men are simply more aggressive, better at conquest. Instead of stepping up, defending themselves, attacking Hollywood for their portrayal of Asian/half-Asian (I have to make that distinction because it REALLY fucking matters to them), and not be the self-fulfilling weak cowards as reflected in said media, they attack one of their own, without bothering to ask me about the details of my situation. No, the leftist liberal way is to be passive aggressive. Seeing how white women tend to be liberal feminists, who want to dominate men, I think the perfect match for these women are these type of men. It’s a perfect trade-off.



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